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Young Swiss businessman, Jean Henry Dunant was appalled by the condition of the wounded soldiers he happened to see in the battle field of Solferino , Italy in 1859 during the Franco – Austrian war. He arranged relief services with the help of the local community immediately. He wrote the book Memory of Solferino suggesting that a neutral organization be established to aid the wounded soldiers in times of war. Just a year after the release of this book, an international conference was convened in Geneva to consider the suggestions of Henry Dunant and thus the Red Cross Movement was born. International Red Cross Movement was established by Geneva Convention of 1864. The name and the emblem of the movement are derived from the reversal of the Swiss national flag, to honor the country in which Red Cross was found.

Jean Henry Dunant

Founder Red Cross Society

Bhai Kanhayia

Sikh Benevolent

Celebraton of World Red Cross Day 08-May-2023
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Blood Units Collected on 08-May-2023


Ration Kits distributed to TB Patients

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Sh. Amit Talwar, IAS

Deputy Commissioner,

Lady President
Lady President

Lady President,
Indian Red Cross Society, Amritsar

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Sh. Harpreet Singh, IAS

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Honorary Secretary
Dr. Mrs. Harnoor Kaur Dhillon, PCS

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Executive Secretary
Sh. Asisinder Singh

District Social Welfare Officer,